Liver Let Die (A Clueless Cook Mystery #1)

Liver Let Die (A Clueless Cook Mystery #1) - Liz Lipperman 3.5 starsThis seems like a fun series with a quirky bunch of characters - the "new" fad of mysteries and recipes. But this one has a twist - the main character isn't a chef or a caterer; she's not even a home cook or a foodie. Jordan McAllister is a sports journalist who ended up in a small Texas town working for the local paper, but typing the Personals, making barely more than minimum wage. THEN she's offered the chance to sub for the current culinary reporter, who's recovering from broken bones received during a watercraft accident.Jordan's not getting any more money, but she IS getting the chance to have her name on a regular weekly column, even if it is temporary. There's only one hitch: she's got to also come up with fancy food recipes. The eating out on the paper's dime is OK. Except she's not big on beef, and her first assignment happens to be at the Longhorn Prime Rib...But Jordan's waiter, J.T., is cute and understanding of her hesitation to order beef. So he tells her that there's a specialty on the menu that even the waiters have to pay for to eat. And it's not beef. It comes from Canada. So Jordan takes his recommendation... for foie gras! Silly girl has no idea what that is. But J.T. says that one customer regularly orders it once a week. In fact, he's there in the restaurant now. Jordan thinks the customer looks dour, but hey.Except when the foie gras comes, she's not so sure anymore. J.T. finally tells her it's fatty duck liver pureed (thus the title, "Liver Let Die"). Since Jordan can't quite bring herself to eat it, she shoves it into her borrowed clutch as surreptitiously as possible. But at least 2 people saw her do it, and know that she walked out with a clutch full of foie gras among her only $5 bill, a lipstick, and her ID. Before she left, though, she stops by to talk to Ducky, the customer who regularly eats this stuff, to ask him to describe the dish. That way, she can write up her review using his description without having to actually eat the stuff herself.When she gets home, she decides to try to clean up the clutch she borrowed from her downstairs neighbor - hoping she won't have to pay to replace it. While cleaning, she spots several small crystals at the bottom of the purse. Well, she thinks, that makes sense since Rosie make jewelry. For the time being, she drops the crystals into her fish's bowl. Maggie seems to like the crystals - what girl doesn't like a bit of bling?AND HER LIFE CHANGES FOREVER... Not only does Jordan discover *how* the ducks get fatty livers, she gets a strange call from her waiter, J.T. But she's at her weekly neighbor game-potluck, so she only has a message from J.T. that it's really important that he talk to her THAT NIGHT. He'll come by after work - which should be now. Jordan falls asleep waiting, only to wake up to pounding on her door. It's the cops. And J.T. has been knifed to death under the stairway to her apartment! Luckily, one of her good neighbors is a retired cop, who helps take things into hand; except Ray spots a missing knife... great!In the course of the book, Jordan's column becomes a HUGE hit, even with fancy, foreign names for Rosie's home casseroles... the Brooder she met at the Longhorn introduces himself as Alex Montgomery, but there's something a bit off about him, even if he is a looker... Jordan tracks down what happened to J.T. that night and discovers a beat-up high school girlfriend and a college quarterback with serious anger management issues. Her apartment gets completely trashed... she's accused of murdering J.T... Alex helps her home and prevents her from being attacked by a mysterious man in a hoodie who looks vaguely familiar to Jordan...In the whirlwind of events, we uncover not one, but TWO major crimes. And of course, Jordan is rescued by friends and the hot Alex, who is much more than what he seems.=============Cute book - held my attention, even though it's not difficult to figure out what's going on immediately. I was a little irritated that Jordan could be so clueless, especially about the "crystals" in Maggie's fish bowl, but that's fiction. I liked Alex and Jordan together, and hope they'll stay together in future. But the next book takes Jordan elsewhere, and I didn't see Alex's name mentioned in the blurb. Anyway, I liked the book well enough to read the next one. The recipes? Well, they're probably good, but a little amateur. Then again, they're not gourmet recipes, but simple, homey recipes that most families would love, like Potato Chip Chicken.