The Girl and the Genie

The Girl and the Genie - E. M. Lilly Well, what can I say? This book starts out as a whimsical, fun genie-tale and devolves into something that's not at all fun... almost as if the author couldn't handle the fact that she's telling a fairy tale and has to inject some "reality". Except the reality is more than harsh - being abandoned by a jerk in the middle of nowhere only to be picked up by a bunch of bikers with Viagra intent on "partying"... falling in love with a too-good-to-be-true actor only to go on the honeymoon from hell where hired killers and cut brake lines mean certain death....And all of this only to find the true love that we knew she'd find all along... Hmmm. Even the story of how he becomes a real man again is fraught with issues. And our Heroine, while waiting for his return, decides to write a book about her experiences. Really?The author is supposedly a best-selling author of mysteries or some such; if that's the case honey, don't quit your day-job! Or figure out that with a fluff piece of romance like this is supposed to be that consequences don't have to be so awful.