A Secure Heart

A Secure Heart - Charity Parkerson 3-3.5 starsNot sure where this cover came from, 'cuz it doesn't match my cover!Regardless, this is really 5-interwoven love stories in 4 "books" all wrapped up into one. If you think you know who'll end up in each pairing, you're wrong. The book will keep you guessing... OR simply throw you a curve ball, telling you that after a quick introduction of one of the two, that they're married. Yep, just like that.But it's fun and heart-warming. There's tragedy, sorrow, pain, and heart break; but there's also love, joy, healing, and redemption. It's sexy and funny and sad all at the same time.This book has a little bit of everything, including faith-spirituality and some paranormal elements. But it's fun and a decent read.