Wrath and the Letter Opener (Black Dagger Brotherhood: Slices of Life)

Wrath and the Letter Opener (Black Dagger Brotherhood: Slices of Life) - J.R. Ward It's tough to rate this book, because it's a REFERENCE book, written half-way through the current BDB series. It stops at about book 6, Phury's book.But there are lots of good insights in the book. And lots of stuff that JR Ward is trying to tell us, but maybe still trying to keep under wraps? Like how in "real life", she and Vishous don't get along so well? They have a tough time talking? And then in the part of the book where the vampires "interview" JR, Vishous asks her why she lies... ???From this, I started digging, and I discovered that there are a LOT of similarities between Jane Whitcombe (V's shellan) and JR Ward. Both have short, blonde hair (well, JR does now); both were raised in an upper-class family; both have very slim, hardly-any-curves body types (as V puts it, a telephone pole body); both have the same initials - JRW... which makes me wonder if there aren't MORE similarities that she doesn't spell out is that V is actually her favorite of the Brothers, and that she's got quite a thing for him? I dunno. I'm not accusing her of doing a Mary Sue for Doc Jane, but there's more here than meets the eye. Perhaps because V is my favorite brother? Just doesn't seem that after all these books (and the 6 as of this book's publishing), that JR would still have such a tough time with V. He'd already let loose - maybe not as much as in Payne's book, but still...Overall, there's a lot of helpful info in the book. So I enjoyed paging through it. And as I read my way through the BDB series (again!), I found myself referencing it often.