Fish & Chips (Cut & Run, #3)

Fish & Chips (Cut & Run, #3) - Madeleine Urban,  Abigail Roux Wow! What an interesting set up! Ty and Zane, still working on their relationship and their individual psychological hang-ups, are given the assignment of impersonating a wealthy gay couple who are embedded in money laundering in the art world. Of course, their co-workers all think they hate each other, so the snickering begins. If they only knew....The personas allow Ty and Zane to openly show affection for one another - in character, of course! But each discovers more layers to the other, layers of tenderness and desire and... perhaps, love?Once again, the mystery, itself, is rather thin. Ty speaks a bunch of languages, but not Italian. OK. But Zane speaks fluent Spanish, which shares enough similarities with Italian that you'd think *he'd* be able to pick up on some of it. Then again, open communication between these two is never that open, is it?It turns out that the 1/2 of the gay married couple that Ty is portraying, Del Corbin, is some sort of double-agent: he's working for the Italians to get the Italian contacts and for the Turkish contact to kill his (Del's) partner. Then there's the mysterious saboteur who must be hired by the Turkish guy? I think it's because the Turkish guy realizes that Del's in love with his partner. Except that the Turkish guy's never met Del, so it's Ty and Zane he's watching. HUH? Sometimes there are too many twists to this story. Like their back-up, who are never around. What happened to them is not only hilarious but humiliating, and I'd think, a quick route to demotion inside the FBI.All in all though, Ty and Zane are fascinating guys. And the fact that they're wearing wedding rings and expected to act openly gay changes a lot in their personal relationship - making it both better and worse. We finally learn a bit more about Zane's wife. And we FINALLY get the answer to the question about whether Zane married his wife to cover his sexuality or if he's bi-sexual and how he got into guys.While I don't seriously believe either of these guys would be FBI in real life (and not either in jail or kicked out), I do enjoy watching/reading about them in action.