Dead Sky Morning (Experiment in Terror, #3)

Dead Sky Morning (Experiment in Terror, #3) - Karina Halle 3.5+ starsThis one is freaky-deaky... the closest to true "horror" of the books, so far. Sure, book #1 had a creepy lighthouse and Old Roddy, but somehow, this one is as much psychological as "real". It's Perry and Dex's own "The Blair Witch Project". They turn on themselves and each other, as they both grapple with what's real and what isn't. And, as usual, each of them has their own issues going on: Dex is dealing with a potential pregnant girlfriend, Jennifer, in a relationship that's obviously on the rocks. Perry is dealing with her self-image problems and her unrequited love for Dex.I ranked it down at least .5 a star, because the book just seems to ramble. There are too many strange occurrences without any "reason" behind them, especially with animals - raccoons and deer. It's not as if everything has to tie neatly into a package with a bow or anything, but there's way too much ambiguity here. It just feels like it takes too long to GET TO THE POINT and to the action. We have to suffer with Perry through a hockey game and a strip club (where Dex buys Perry a lap dance in some bid to make her feel better about her body?), as well as a visit to one of Dex's old friend's. Sure, the Creepy Clown Lady puts in an appearance at the hockey game, and Dex's friends is loaning them the boat. But why does the friend have to have a little girl? And all the stuff that happens on the island... might be 3 days or so, but it feels like a week. Once again, neither Perry nor Dex is really communicating. They're able to talk a bit more when drunk, but still. Perry's doubts about herself and her inability to see the forest for the trees really got to me.PLUS the fact that Dex and Perry are supposed to be FILMING A SHOW, and yet, neither of them has a camera or any recording device ready or handy for most of the horror. HUH? After they arrive and get some basic footage the first night, it's like they just forget what they're supposed to be there to do and devolve into madness - internal and external and against one another. It was almost impossible to read, because I was afraid for where it was going to end up!I get that there's not a lot available on the history of D'Arcy Island and the leper colony, but the author doesn't seem to mind filling in the details. It's just that she leaves as many gaping holes as she fills in.Creepy? Yes. Satisfying? No. Not for the number of pages and all the stuff that we're put through in the end. Sorry.