Double Click

Double Click - Lisa Becker Sad to say, this sequel to [b:Click|766955|Click Clack Moo Cows That Type|Doreen Cronin||434352] didn't do it for me. It's a nice, easy read, and it continues the characters from the 1st book. And yes, we learn more about what happened with Renee and Ethan and Ashley and Greg.But nothing really HAPPENS in this book. Oh, things happen, just nothing terribly noteworthy. In the first book, we had the set up of the online dating scene, which was fun and funky. We had all of Shelley's "men" and their monikers. We wondered if Ashley would ever realize that Evan wasn't for her. We had LOL moments and twists and surprises. In short, LOTS HAPPENED in Click.But in Double Click, Mark's already seeing someone - no suspense, laughter, or funky experiences in his online dating. And the gal he's seeing, Cassidy, really doesn't fit the group of friends. I kept thinking that the drama in this book would come from either a) Mark realizing how much Renee, Shelley, and Alyssa didn't like Cassidy, and/or b) Mark breaking up with Cassidy. Not to happen.Ethan and Renee are doing just fine, thank you. Which is great, really. And I did enjoy their story. But even the "event" that happened to them - part one and part do-over - wasn't all that exciting. Sorry. Because we, the readers, knew something was up from Ethan's emails to Shelley. So nothing was unexpected.Ashley's "events" were amusing... but, IMO, she regressed from the person she'd grown into from the end of Click. OK, OK... her "events" likely affected her. Being pregnant and newly wed, OK. Being exhausted after the baby, OK. It all makes sense. It's just that Renee OFFERS a lot to come over and give Ashley a good night's sleep, but she never does, does she? In a lot of ways, Ashley's regression seems to come from her being isolated from her friends, because having a baby hanging on her boob in public doesn't cut the scene. And while Renee does counsel her, and it seems that Ashley talks to her doctor and gets it all out, how can Ashley be anything but mean, judgmental, and boring? It kinda frustrated me, actually.Renee's stories were funny and amusing. But they can't make up for "events" and things "happening".Shelley's story was the most surprising, but it was really, really tame.So... I was disappointed when I found myself at the end of the book. I like these characters, and I'm glad they're all living fairly happy lives, but a book this doesn't make.