Divide & Conquer (Cut & Run, #4)

Divide & Conquer (Cut & Run, #4) - Madeleine Urban,  Abigail Roux 3.5 starsI love Ty & Zane... but the cases/mysteries - not so much. Typically, they're easy for the reader to solve - in an almost "gee, don't the feds/cops and even Ty & Zane look silly" kinda way. Perhaps because in many ways, these books don't seem to be about the cases; they're about Ty & Zane. Is that bad? Dunno. I'm still reading, and in fact, I'm hooked. This book uses the "tell 'em who the bad guys are" format, like book 2 did. Yes, there's still gradual disclosure involved with the who and the why; but we know early on in the book that we're dealing with 4 kids, one of whom (Pierre) is obviously a nut. And he's got it out for Ty & Zane when they foil his aquarium bomb scheme. There's method to Pierre's madness at first, especially when he turns his attention to Ty. The baseball game and the bomb under home plate is truly terrifying; thank goodness Ty is alert!But overall, it seems to take the feds and the LEOs too long to figure it out. When they do, the defense is smart and overwhelming. It's just too bad that Zane is blind, so the note that Graham leaves him is conveniently forgotten until Zane gets his eyesight back. If Ty'd bothered to look though Zane's mail earlier, he might have prevented shooting Heather, something for which he'll regret for a long time, despite it being the right thing to do.. Zane's losing his eyesight is terrifying, and his reactions (and Ty's) are realistic. And Ty's old Recon team showing up is fascinating. Ty is really getting past the secrecy stage with his sexuality and relationship with Zane. I was floored and cheering when Ty revealed it all to his Recon team. I don't think the guys took what Owen said the right way; I didn't think that Owen was disgusted that Ty said he was gay. I took it more like Owen was disgusted that someone he trusted with his life and thought there were no secrets from hadn't revealed something so personal about himself. To me, it was a trust issue. But we didn't hear or see anything else from Owen to back that up or refute it; so it's tough to know.Nick? Wow... Zane picked up on it, and I guess I didn't figure it was anything more than a buddy thing. When you go through what Ty and Nick did together, all the way from boot camp through being captured... well, I just figured the intimacy was about that. But wow! Knocked me for a loop, as it did Ty. While it hurt, I'm glad Ty was honest with Zane.Gay or bi? Does it really matter? Sometimes I think that in extraordinary circumstances with the right person, you can be in love with and want to be intimate (read: sexual) with someone of the same sex. Does that make a person gay? Bi-sexual? I don't think so. And while I'm a firm believer that it doesn't matter who you love, I'm almost tired of the NEED to label someone as "gay"; if that person chooses that label, then fine. But sometimes I think that simply being in love like Ty & Zane are doesn't necessarily make them gay; they've both had "relationships" with women, as well as men. I think they should be free to love whomever they choose and be free to express it and tell others; I just don't know that a "label" is necessary.Off that bandwagon... The relationship between Ty & Zane really does take a turn in this book. It would be so easy for them to be divided and conquered by all that's around them. There's the pressure to keep everything under wraps at work, probably as much or more for the "no fraternizing" rule as anything else, as they learn at the end of the book. There's the uncertainty of not only the bombers and Ty & Zane likely being the targets, as well as the horror of Zane's blindness to deal with. And yet, the guys come through with flying colors. They find the way to be true to themselves, to their relationship, and to their jobs. The funeral scene is amazing... The end is... ARGH! Such a cliffhanger, after everything that's happened!