Armed & Dangerous (Cut & Run, #5)

Armed & Dangerous (Cut & Run, #5) - Abigail Roux 4-4.5 starsThis book made me CRAZY!!! The bickering... Cross' continued attempts to escape... SO MUCH HAPPENING! And yet, this is one of my favorite books in this series, now. Outwardly, Cross looks like Zane; but inwardly, he & Ty are almost the same person - it's spooky. And it bugs both of them, too. Cameron is more than just comic relief - he's the heart of this story. I love how everyone ends up trying to protect him.Nick is back... the scenes between Zane and Nick were the most heart-wrenching, gut-wrenching, tough scenes in the whole book. It's horrible and wonderful and amazing at the same time. I'm glad that they both found peace - a way to have an amicable relationship for Ty's sake. And Nick definitely comes through for Ty, Zane, Cross, and Cameron.And, OK, I'll admit it; I was fooled with this one. The mystery was probably the best of the series, since we're not sure who the Good Guys or the Bad Guys really are. Or who the mysterious CIA rogue agent is that only Cross can put away. Is Cross really Batman? If Cross remembers Ty, why doesn't Ty remember Cross?LOVE IT when Cross is finally playing on the same team with Ty & Zane. And I also loved it when Ty & Zane were accidentally outed to Cross and Cameron.Smith & Wesson? Priceless!!!