After Hours

After Hours - Cara McKenna 3.5+ starsOK, I admit it. I was so intrigued with my friend Regina's thoughts on this book, I couldn't help myself. I had to buy it and read it.I don't think I appreciated the book as much as Regina did. But I *did* appreciate the book. And I appreciated a lot about it. Although, at times, it felt disjointed to me... like a fractured fairy tale. And I think that's what was intended. As many others, including my friend, have said, this is no Millionaire Wants A Sub book. In fact, it's not even BDSM. There is erotica here... lots of steam. It's a book with grit and harsh and tough in it. It's a book about people who live blue-collar lives... people who would likely be called "townies". People who aren't usually featured in romances like this.Yes, this is an unusual romance. And while it might appear to just be another "dirty little book", it's not. It's about the 2 main characters finding themselves - with and within each other. That spark that we like to joke about, that chemistry, that simply turns their lives around. The ability to surrender one's self, not just body but heart and soul, to another human being. To truth that other with ourselves. Not easy to do. Too often told as a fairy tale. Or these days, dressed up as erotica with some BDSM thrown in - millionaire playboy and a naive young ingenue with nothing to her name.Nope. This book is about real folks with real troubles. With hard lives. Who have to make tough choices. Who don't have role models or money or even dreams to pull them out of the harsh and the grit. It's about people who have to find the way to not only survive, but to thrive. To carve out a life where they didn't expect they could have one - and where no one else expected or thought they could, either, because no one ever really thought they'd amount to much.This is a book that hit me between the eyes because it's raw and harsh and gritty. Brava to the author!