Rebecca's Lost Journals, Volume 3: His Submissive

Rebecca's Lost Journals, Volume 3: His Submissive - Lisa Renee Jones 2.5-3 starsYes, that's right. This "short" is so short that I thought it had to be a mistake.Rather than whet my appetite for what's yet to come, this barely an amuse bouche made me want to leave the restaurant. I'm tired of the teasing...And this installment's not even that good. Sure, there's steam. But her Master won't allow Rebecca to sign his contract until HE says so. Huh? What happened to the Sub being the one with the power? That was just a mind-twister, and it showed me that whoever this guy is, he's not playing by anyone's rules. He is dangerous. And it's no wonder Rebecca disappears. I say that she lost her mind in all of these mind games!Here's what we do know: The Master is still likely NOT Mark or Chris. At one point, when her Master wants her to have sex with another guy (a guy that she's had before), Rebecca describes him as tall, thin, and dark and says her Master is the opposite. Does that make the Master short, fat, and light/fair/blond? I doubt it.And while she shows backbone with her Master and he seems to like it, there's no doubt this girl is in over her head. It's almost becoming an icky thing....However, the Master definitely has a membership to the club that Mark and Chris patronize, too. The Master has his own private quarters, with windows that allow peepers, if he so desires. In this scene, he doesn't desire - that we know of.