Red Fox (Experiment in Terror, #2)

Red Fox (Experiment in Terror, #2) - Karina Halle 2nd Read: April 2013 - Group/Buddy ReadThis book gets even better the 2nd time! It's interesting to read the first few books again, after having already read through everything that's currently published. This book is intense... dark... scary... It's a real test of Perry & Dex - the show, their friendship, their partnership, their trust... In this book, Perry's eyes are opened first by Bird, then Rudy, and then by the "villains"; she becomes more aware that this "gift" she has attracts spirits and other beings - Bird tells her that they'll be attracted to her, because they want her power.Perry & Dex head to Red Fox, New Mexico; specifically, they head to the ranch of Will and Sarah Lancaster. Will & Sarah are Native Americans - Navaho; but in recent years, they became Christian and put aside their heritage. Or did they? Dex is contacted by an old college friend and ex-band member from Sin Sing Sinatra, Maximilian. Max and Dex have some strange history together, and it becomes obvious to more than Perry that their history is contentious. Neither trusts the other completely. But Max was contacted by Will to help rid his ranch of whatever mysterious spirits are plaguing the ranch - killing animals, running through the house at night, throwing rocks at the windows, and more. Max, you see, is a Ghost Whisperer - of sorts. If he's at the site of someone's death, he can "read" that person's feelings at the time of his/her death. Many people believe that Max can speak to the dead, which he says he cannot; but over time, he's learned to go with it and take their money to try to give them some peace. Except that what's going on at Will's ranch has nothing to do with a dead person's spirit. Max can't pick up any readings; but he knows whatever it is is supernatural. So he calls Dex, because of his Internet show with Perry, "Experiment in Terror".Perry's job promotion didn't work out when her boss learned that she needed Fridays and Mondays off to shoot her new show. But Perry can't tell her parents, because they're so proud of her promotion and not sold on her show. Perry did tell her sister, Ada, who's helping her keep her secret for now. So when Perry goes off with Dex for a long weekend, her parents are too happy. Little do they know that Perry will almost lose her life, again.Perry definitely brings whatever is causing all of this out in force. The situation also brings out, in force, the attraction between Perry and Dex. Dex left his new meds behind, and he's having a tough time processing. Dex tells Perry that he's feeling things again. And it's especially tough when they have to pretend to be married, because they need to sleep in the same bed and room at the Lancasters; with their hosts being "Christian", they need to pretend. Except that when events get intense, Dex & Perry turn to one another. No, they don't end up having sex, but they are sleeping the same bed, in one anothers' arms for comfort. And there is some kissing. Perry is almost relieved to find out that this tension and attraction between them isn't all in her head.When those around them finally start talking, Dex & Perry discover they're on the trail of Skinwalkers - evil medicine shamans and witches who covet power and have the ability to change into animals and other people. Can they get enough on tape for a show? Can they get out of New Mexico alive? Can they help Will resolve this problem and get his ranch back?It's a rough road... dark, twisty, and full of bumps. But Dex & Perry manage to get out alive. Just what is left between them and of their show remains to be seen.==========1st Read: March 20, 2013Liked this book even better than the 1st book, because Perry seems to accept more about herself and her abilities. I think it's because she's surrounded by people in this book who believe in the paranormal - what's supernatural to many is natural to their Navajo beliefs. That support seems to be enough to kick-start Perry into making real discoveries and finding real proof that what she sees, hears, and experiences is not just in her head.And there's a deepening of her relationship with Dex - Perry and Dex become more like friends with chemistry in this book. There's some sharing, partly because Dex's college friend, Max, is also involved. Max is a "ghost whisperer" of sorts; he also helps Perry to face up to her abilities. But in many ways, Max confuses Perry about Dex by not telling her everything he knows, only half-truths.Perry and Dex are in New Mexico to help Will and Sara, a Navajo couple who has forsaken their Navajo beliefs for Christianity for many years now. But Sara is not only blind, she's obviously bitter; there's more going on with her than it seems. Will asked for their help, because his ranch and his family are being tormented by something that rains rocks down on them and mutilates sheep; animals like coyote run through the house at all hours of the night. Max suggested Dex and Perry, because he's not picking up on anything that's dead causing this. It's something else... something that no one wants to talk about.Until Bird, one of the ranch hands, finally takes Perry and Dex aside and explains with his friend and medicine man/bar owner Rudy that what's going on here involves Skinwalkers - evil medicine and magic where humans can take on other forms, including animals. Bird rescues Perry from an evil crow and a snake, and then tells her that SHE is drawing "it" - that her powers are drawing out the evil even more, because the evil wants to kill her and gain her power. Bird, Max, and Rudy help Perry (and even Dex) to see what she offers and what that means.Many scary things happen, including a near-rape for Perry, Bird's disappearance, and Rudy's murder.Can Perry and Dex get out of this situation alive?