Hot Head (Head #1)

Hot Head (Head #1) - Damon Suede This book isn't your average m/m romance... It's got a lot of heart and lot of soul-searching. It's not just about the "steam".Griff Muir and Dante Anastagio have been best friends for years. Griff's mother died when he was young, and his firefighter inspector father was gone a lot, working. So the big, Italian Anastagio family adopted Griff. For more than 10 years, Dante and Griff have worked together as firefighters. They've had a really close friendship - one that got Griff through his divorce after 9/11.But lately, Griff seems to have more than friendship feelings for Dante. And he doesn't know what to do about those feelings, because 1) he's never had feelings like this for another man before, and 2) exploring those feelings is more than a delicate situation - not only could it ruin their friendship, but it could ruin Griff's career in the firehouse. Griff's exploration at a gay bar showed him that it's only Dante that turns him on. But while there, Griff discovered one of the EMTs that he & Dante work with, in a back alley hot-and-heavy, no-holds-barred "sexxion" with another guy. It fascinated and repelled Griff.Suddenly, Dante needs money to keep his house. Dante's been working on this house for years, a little at a time. It's a guys-hangout and a sanctuary for anyone that needs a place or a meal for awhile. At a 9/11 memorial celebration at a local bar (10 years later), Griff saves a Russian from a beating; but there's something about that Russian. And sure enough, turns out that the Russian hosts/owns a male porn web site And he's offered Dante money to "do his solo thing" on the web site. Griff can't keep himself away from Dante's "solo", starring as Full Monte. Then Dante tells Griff that if he brings a friend, they can make big bucks - especially if they go for some of the "extras". Griff wants to, but... ================This is a complex story, not just gratuitous anything. It's thoughtful. It's unusual, because it's about 2 hetero guys who may or may not have developed a lifelong attraction and love relationship that takes them into unexplored gay territory. And each has a lot to lose if they explore.The question is... is this all about the money for Dante and saving his house? Or is there something more to it? And does Griff dare to ask?