Ours To Love  - Shayla Black This book is good... it has plenty of steam... and I liked that it departed from the previous Black stories and yet kept the essence. But, somehow, it didn't bowl me over. I like London a lot. She's "typical" and not at all. Her story is heartbreaking. Her heart is large and amazing. She is the opposite of many of the previous heroines in this series, and yet, she seems, to me, to have the most heart, the most "something".So what was it that didn't quite do it for me? Perhaps it's the brothers thing. I couldn't quite get over it. And the "mystery"/suspense part felt manufactured.But it's much better than "Mine To Hold", which was just so far-fetched.I think part of what bugs me about this series is that it's set in Lafayette, Louisiana, and yet, it could be anywhere. The whole "Cajun" vibe just doesn't work, because the author doesn't seem to really KNOW the area of the Cajun people; and yet, she tries to interject that spice. For example, Jack Cole is Cajun, but he talks and acts as Cajun as I do. I lived in Lafayette for several years, and while I'm sure things have changed, it just doesn't feel, smell, or act like the Heart of Acadiana and Cajun-land.