Into the Storm (Troubleshooters, #10)

Into the Storm (Troubleshooters, #10) - Suzanne Brockmann Very happy that the kidnapper part of the story wasn't over long... I don't think I could have taken much more than what was detailed in this book.IZZY! Man oh man! Loved this guy! Can't wait to get more Izzy.Lindsey and Jenk (or Marky-Mark, which I actually prefer - LOL!) - this book is mostly their book. I liked the back-and-forth of it. It wasn't overly angst or hypy... it was frustrating, at times, but that's the way it was supposed to be. Especially with the Tracy-Lindsey-Jenk triangle and then throwing Izzy in there somewhere.Loved the interaction with SEAL Team Sixteen and the Troubleshooters. Hoping for more of this. Except that it does make for only cameo appearances for many of the characters we've come to love. Although I don't mind as much as I do in BDB when Brockmann only gives us quick mentions of the other characters like Nash and Alyssa and Jules. Sure, I'd take more, don't get me wrong. Especially Mallory and her wedding - I'd liked to have had much more detail, at least 1 scene where we were actually there.Probably most disappointed in the Sophia-Decker-Dave story... all the attention on Sophia. I get that she's a "hot" gal and the supposition about her being Mata-Hari 2.0 (or whatever the designation) would make her a hot commodity. But somehow, the SEALs seemed overly anxious to get her - like some sort of prize. Maybe I just don't know the SEALs who were attempting that well enough to know what's up with it. But Deck and Sophia - their story isn't as compelling to me as say, Sam and Alyssa. Sophia is clearly in need of some help; but so is Deck. I was really happy that Tom put his foot down with them and forced them to work together. But Dave, Dave, Dave.... it totally fits his character, don't get me wrong. But the whole "I'm in love with her but I can only be her friend" thing wears at me.And the WWII stuff - no real flashbacks here, and while I loved the way that the information unfolded, I kinda missed the typical back-and-forth with the flashbacks. Often, the WWII stories are some of the best parts of these books, to me. They're great tension relievers when I'm stuck in the middle of whatever relationship hell or war/conflict hell.But still love the Troubleshooters!!!