Entwined with You (Crossfire, #3)

Entwined with You (Crossfire, #3) - Sylvia Day 3 stars (maybe 3.5, but that's doubtful)I really, really wanted to love this book as much as the first in the series. But I just couldn't.Here's what I liked:* Gideon & Eva seem to have finally hit a stride with their relationship. They seem to be past most of the interpersonal high drama and high emotions. Gideon still isn't opening up as much as he could, but he's trying. (Whatever happened to Eva's idea for him to tell her one new thing that no one knows about him to her each day? That was a great idea with no follow-through.)But despite everything else around them, Eva & Gideon are holding on to one another. They're choosing to trust and love. They're carving out their own niche in their personal and private lives, including living space. That's important. And I was glad to see it.* The bumps in the road didn't tear them apart - I guess, a continuation of my first point. But many of these things could have and would have in earlier books. * Most of the bumps have to do with others - It was nice, for a change, for the other characters to have the drama and emotions. But some of the events are almost copy-cat from FSOG. By now, I'd think Ms. Day would have deviated enough from that path to avoid further comparison. And others like Cary's probably being a father and Corinne's breakdown and losing a baby... and her husband blaming Gideon for his marriage issues, even though the baby had to be the husband's. I mean, really? Corrinne probably does feel used, but Gideon made it clear to her where they stood; I guess you hear and see what you choose to. just seemed convenient or obvious.* Ireland Vidal, Gideon's half sister - I have hopes for her part in this story. I like her, and I'm glad that Gideon took Eva's advice and tried to get to know her more.* Eva's new pals - I liked how Eva really tried to branch out and have friends other than Gideon and Cary in this book. It made her much more well-rounded.* No major plot or cliff-hangers at the end - Sure, there's unresolved stuff. And some of it's likely to be big news. Like Mark's wedding... but again, if the author could have focused on wrapping up the loose ends in this book and leaving out some of the new plot stuff or the constant and feels-like-repetitive overabundant sex scenes.Here's what I didn't like:* The sex scenes - Imagine that, huh? But while many of these are quite steamy, there are almost too many of them. Every few pages, Eva & Gideon are at it again. At times, it almost felt as if the author had a page quota, she ran out of other things to do and say, or Eva & Gideon were still trying to solve all their problems with sex.I understand that having to keep their relationship private and "secret" for much of the book has something to do with how/why they go at each other constantly. But most relationships that are starting to settle down and mellow also mellow in the sex department. I would have liked to have seen less desperate sex and more meaningful sex. Less repetition of what seems "hot" and more intimacy between them - in and out of bed.* Eva's relationship with her mom - seems a bit blown out of proportion to me. Eva gets really angry at her mother for something that her mom did to protect her. Did her mom go too far? Did she violate Eva's privacy? You bet! But there were good reasons for it all. Eva needs to grow up a bit. She's too busy trying to be her own person that sometimes she balks at others trying to take care of her. She needs to relax. Yes, address the issues with her mom, but also try to see where her mom is coming from. Her mom was trying to protect her from Nathan.* Brett and Eva... come ON! What have these two really got between them besides old history that Eva doesn't even want to remember. There *is* no relationship; there *was* nothing except Eva trying to use sex as Brett's groupie to overcome her own issues. Now she feels obligated to go to the premiere of a music video of the overly romanticized song he wrote about her? Without even seeing the video ahead of time? I really don't understand why she feels like she's got even a friendship with this guy. She doesn't have to give him the time of day. NO means NO.But this provides just one more opp for trouble between Gideon & Eva, so the author keeps exploiting it. I understand Brett's POV. I just don't understand Eva's POV on this one.* The Deanna-Reporter storyline - just seems too contrived and too ominous.* The supposed resolution of the Nathan Barker murder (from book 2) - Again, contrived and convenient. There is an interesting twist, but one that just leaves us twisting in the wind. Yes, these last 2 items keep the series going, because they're not resolved yet. But... I could have done without them.* More Books - I know, usually readers are clamoring for more. And I can respect that Ms. Day doesn't feel that this story can be limited to 3 books and be true to her vision. But... I just don't see enough to keep it going, frankly. And I wish she would have wrapped it up in 3. If she'd spent less time on all the sex scenes and contriving new plots, she could have. And still have introduced and closed probably both of her new threads.================SOOOOO... I can't give this more than a 3-star rating. Maybe 3.5 on a generous day.