Two Ravens and One Crow

Two Ravens and One Crow - Kevin Hearne

3-3.5 stars

Whoa! We suddenly fast-forward 6 years since we last saw Atticus, now Stirling Silver!?!


Not a fan of that jump. Seems to me that we could have had at least a couple of shorts in-between before we get here.


The Morrigan is finally going to help Atticus re-do his healing tattoos. She takes him to her "lair", and they have some interesting conversation. Is the Morrigan becoming... softer? *gasp*


And then off to a dinner with some mysterious dinner guests and a likely treaty of some sort. Which leads to an thwarted attempt on Atticus' life, followed by, of course, a battle.It's an interesting short. But I was discombobulated by the jump in time and the Morrigan's behavior.