Fudge Cupcake Murder (Hannah Swensen Mysteries)

Fudge Cupcake Murder - Joanne Fluke As always, reading this series is like eating a favorite confection from your childhood - fun, maybe a bit fluffy, down-home, and familiar.I applaud Joanne Fluke for developing characters who are the back-bone of the stories. The main characters are well-developed enough to deepen and mellow as the series continues. They don't radically alter their personalities from book-to-book.I mark these books as psuedo-mysteries, though, because although the mystery is the impetus for the story, I don't usually care that much about the whodunnit. I only care inasmuch as it affects Hannah, Mike, Norman, Bill, Andrea, Lisa, and so on -- the characters I know and love. And there aren't a lot of twists & turns to the mystery... it's not difficult to figure out the whodunnit (if not always the why) within the first few chapters.The recipes... well, they always sound good, but if you read them all through, many of these cookies are simply variations of previous recipes. But no matter - if you make any of them (and I have), they're always tasty and down-home.If you enjoy an easy, quick read with characters you enjoy and care about, the Hannah Swensen books are for you.