Cherry Cheesecake Murder

Cherry Cheesecake Murder - Joanne Fluke Fun book, but not very realistic. If Eden Lake had truly been swamped by the movie folks... and one of the more famous ones was murdered, the press from all over (especially entertainment press) would have hounded the life out of everyone!Regardless, I find Ms. Fluke's Hannah Swenson books like their titles - sweet, tasty little treats that make you crave the next one, even if they are empty calories. The mysteries aren't ever too difficult to solve. But the main characters and the town are cozy and comfy -- like old friends.I just wish the Norman/Hannah/Mike triangle would resolve itself, somehow. It seems very unrealistic to me that these 2 men, so different, would be content to date the same, indecisive woman at the same time. While I'd had hopes for Mike & Hannah, Norman seems like a better fit for her - if Hannah will ever consent to marriage. After all, Norman built the dream home he & Hannah designed!I did enjoy throwing in a new guy, Ross - an old college friend of Hannah's - into the mix this time. I'd secretly hoped that Ross's presence would anger either or both of Norman and Mike enough to cause one or both to break off their dating relationships with Hannah. I guess in a small town, there's a limited dating pool... and I often feel as if that's why this triangle continues. That's probably why IMO, Norman is the "right" man for Hannah; he's less likely than Mike to wander, although even Norman won't stand to be strung along much longer, I fear.