Sugar Cookie Murder (A Hannah Swensen Holiday Mystery With Recipes)

Sugar Cookie Murder - Joanne Fluke A very neatly wrapped Christmas present, the book takes place on one auspicious day -- the Lake Eden holiday buffet, where all the town's recipes are part of a cookbook soon to be published.A Las Vegas showgirl who knows more than one Lake Eden resident is murdered. And the murder weapon is Hannah's mother's antique cake knife. Norman is snapping pictures. Mike is snapping at everyone, including Hannah, as he sets up a police headquarters. The Jazz Band is playing. Hannah's mother's date, a Winthrop the II, is being a bit too slick, even for an Englishman. And Andrea (Hannah's sister) is one week overdue to have her baby -- a baby she promised to name after both the mothers if the baby is a girl (and only because Andrea knows that baby is a boy).A very poignant letter to Santa from Hannah's niece, Tracy, seems to get the action moving. I was surprised to find almost 1/2 this book contains the recipes from the Lake Eden cookbook. But hey, one can always use another good recipe, right? And these recipes aren't just cookies and sweets -- everything from appetizers to salads and soups to entrees and then to desserts.