Apple Turnover Murder (Hannah Swensen Series #13)

Apple Turnover Murder - Joanne Fluke First let me begin by saying that when I started reading the Hannah Swensen series, I truly enjoyed the books -- they were light, fluffy confections that were easy to read. I enjoyed getting to know the small town folk & family and more about the town, itself. It's a shame that I've been soured on these books because of the ridiculous love-triangle of Mike/Hannah/Norman. Hannah is becoming more and more unlikeable - whiny, self-centered, prude, and sarcastic. I find it difficult to relate or to feel pity for her at all.She whines when Mike tells her that she'd be better off with Norman. She's obviously been leaning towards Norman for some time now. At least Hannah and Norman spend time together on true dates. They get each others' jokes and can complete each others' sentences. Norman doesn't care if Hannah is a bit plump; Norman doesn't want to change Hannah. Mike sees Hannah as a never-ending supply of cookies, coffee, and home-cooked meals; someone he can relate to as a detective, not a man. In this book, something is troubling Norman. For the first time, Hannah considers that she might lose both men she's been playing with, as her cat, Moishe, plays with duck feet, mice, and his Kitty Condo. But it doesn't stop her from feeling sorry for herself, while others around her get on with the business of life and love.Hannah can't even say the word "sex" - what? The murder victim is a professor that Hannah fell in love with as a grad student, and obviously had an affair with, not knowing that he was married at the time. Are we supposed to believe that this lothario has stunted Hannah's ability to love again -- after now many years? And now, Hannah finds out her sister, Michelle, is one of a long string of women that the professor is involved with, including the town mayor's wife -- probably paying the roving mayor back for his own dalliances.Hannah admits the truth or most of it to both Mike & Norman. I'm surprised that they didn't ask more questions, such as, "If you slept with this jerk, why can't you even get to second base with me?" But instead, they try to protect her. Wow.If you're a fan of the series or the characters or even the love triangle, my apologies. I feel like a masochist continuing to read the series, but... what else can I do?