Cream Puff Murder (Hannah Swensen Series #11)

Cream Puff Murder - Joanne Fluke I read this book after I read "Plum Pudding Murder", so I knew I'd missed something with Mike... I wasn't surprised by the revelation that Mike had other girlfriends, nor that he was most likely sleeping around, which he confirmed. After all: 1. Hannah doesn't seem to be very interested in sex. She's content with a hug and a few kisses, but she makes it clear to both Mike & Norman that's it. Despite the fact that she's supposedly dating them both seriously for at least 2 years. 2. Hannah & Mike rarely spend time alone together on what could be called a date. She mostly feeds him cookies, coffee, and dinner... and he mostly asks her about the current murder.Obviously, Ms. Fluke has Hannah leaning towards Norman. The last few pages of the book make that perfectly clear. About time!As for the murder and the "mystery", it's tough to feel too badly for someone like Ronni, who obviously doesn't have many scruples and not only flirts with, but sleeps with, any man she can - married or not. However, it's galling that Ms. Fluke sees the need to make Ronni such a villainess; why should everything be so black and white? And why should men like Mike fall for Ronni and gals like her at the drop of the hat? (Remember Shawna Lee and her sister?) It's rather insulting.So you may ask, why do I read these books? Probably because I have this need to see the Mike/Hannah/Norman triangle finally resolved -- or, as I've said in past reviews, I'd love to see Hannah dumped on her backside by both of them. Hannah is becoming a sarcastic, prim, prude schoolmarm who seems intent on correcting grammar and feeling sorry for herself. I just wish her mother or her sisters would love her enough to tell her to GROW UP and stop dreaming about the life she wants and get it.