Devil's Food Cake Murder (Hannah Swensen Series #14)

Devil's Food Cake Murder - Joanne Fluke If you're a Hannah fan or just a Lake Eden fan, you'll enjoy this book. If you're tired of the love triangle between Mike/Hannah/Norman, you might just enjoy this book... for once, the "other woman" isn't killed off. She seems to be there to stay.Dr. Beverly is Norman's ex-fiancee and his current dental practice partner. She's just moved to Lake Eden, and others, most notably Mike, are welcoming her with open arms. Mike is known to spot a pretty face & attractive figure, and he doesn't seem to have a problem with dating and becoming "involved with" these women. And the women always seem to move into the same apartment complex and live just across from Mike. How convenient!But Dr. Bev seems to have more than just a business partnership with Norman. There's a lot that Norman isn't telling Hannah - not until late in the book, when he tearfully tells Hannah that he's marrying Dr. Bev and moving her into the dream home he originally built for Hannah, partially because Hannah was too stupid to accept his offer. (The last part of that sentence is me, and not anything Norman said; but he should have.) And then, it seems, that yes, Norman is fully capable of having sex and does so with women he's involved with, as long as they aren't the prim, prudish Hannah Swenson. Because Dr. Bev, despite dating Mike, drops a bombshell on Norman -- that she was pregnant with Norman's child (or so she says) before they broke their engagement. And Bev wants Norman to marry her or he'll never see his precious child.Oh yeah... there's actually a mystery involved. It could have been a rather good one, too, if not for the inane amount of time taken up with Hannah's love triangle and her "woe is me" attitude. Now that it looks as if she's decided on Norman, he's no longer available. And it's about time Hannah realizes how she's been playing with these 2 decent guys for so long. All I can hope is that the news about Dr. Bev doesn't finally send her hurling into Mike's arms and his bed... Hannah is "too decent" to do such a thing without becoming engaged and married shortly thereafter. And obviously, there's the doubt of whether Dr. Bev is truthful about the child's Despite my growing dislike for Hannah, I do like most of the other Lake Edenites, especially Hannah's mother, Delores, Hannah's sisters, and Hannah's business partner, Lisa. Delores started dating again in the last book, playing the field. But she seems to be getting more serious with Doc. I'm hoping that Delores will FINALLY tell Hannah to get over herself and stop being such a prude. Hannah is so worried about making her own decisions and being independent, that she can't see the forest for the trees: if Hannah can't truly settle down with just one guy (even if it's not Norman or Mike), then she'll never have that "happy" family she wants.Hopefully, Ms. Fluke will put us all out of our misery and resolve this love triangle once and for all in her new book, which, by her previous record, should be announced soon and available early 2012. Then perhaps Hannah will become a likeable person again, and she & Norman can get on with the business of being amateur sleuths, and Mike can be free to date and marry anyone he wants.