Perfect for You: Laurel Heights Series, Book 1 (A Laurel Heights Novel)

Perfect for You - Kate Perry 3.5+ starsCute freebie about a web designer who's lost her mojo... and she desperately needs it back to finish the designs for a big-time online adult store. It's not your run-of-the-mill porn shop; Freya (yes, named after the Norse love goddess) needs to get her own sexy love goddess back to finish the campaign. She's only got 4 weeks. This client could make-or-break her little San Francisco boutique web design company.Everyone knows that her upstairs neighbor, Greg Cavanaugh, is the right one to get Freya's mojo back. All except Freya. She's hung-up on the fact that Greg is a lawyer. Freya's doctor father was sued for malpractice, and his lawyer hung him and the family out to dry. On the way home from the judgement, her father wrapped the car around a tree with her mother inside, too. Freya lost what was left of the family money paying the lawsuit and accident costs. And she was barely out of high school, yet she had to take care of her younger sister, Anna.So don't talk to Freya about lawyers! But she still needs to find her sexy, so she puts a personal ad on craigslist looking for a god to bring back her sexy goddess (or some such thing - great wording!). Problem is, she gets a whole lot of weirdos!Freya inadvertently tells Greg about the ad while Anna's there. He volunteers, but she shoots him down. Greg knows there's a deep attraction between him and Freya. He wants to pursue it, but he's genuinely a nice guy... not willing to push or control Freya to get what he wants. Like any self-respecting person, Greg wants Freya to want him enough to make it happen.Anna, Freya's younger sister, decides that she needs Greg's help on 2 fronts: 1) Anna has decided she wants to be a lawyer, and she needs help breaking the news to Freya. Anna thinks if Freya falls for Greg, she'll get over her lawyer-thing. 2) Anna really thinks Greg & Freya belong together. But she's got to stall the guys that answer Freya's add that Freya is willing to go out with. And for that, she needs a bit of Greg's help.Greg helps once, but he feels so skanky doing it, that he refuses to help anymore. He does promise Anna he won't tell Freya what she's up to. And Greg also promises to turn up the heat towards his own seduction of Freya.Then there's the downstairs neighbor - the new guy. He's cute, young, and a Latino-looking Harry Potter (as Anna describes him)! He's also a chef, and Anna manages to push her way into his flat and his life. But Max isn't a pushover; he's got his own rules and plans. And somehow, he makes Anna better - even at her deceptions!We all know where this is going, right? But the getting there is SO MUCH FUN! There's one date between Freya and Greg in a jewel vault... talk about steamy! Made me see dessert possibilities in new ways!Fun, quirky, cute. It's one of a series of books.