Some Like It Wicked

Some Like It Wicked - Teresa Medeiros An OK book... nothing special. Engaging story, but it follows the "romance" pattern without fail. Simon seems to be the "bad boy" - he thinks he is, and he tries to make Caitriona think so, too. Problem is, he just won't admit to himself how much her caring for him means to him... and then won't admit how much he loves her. So that seems to make him a horrible person, treating her meanly, if not brutally at times with his words.Caitriona is more than naive. She's spunky and intelligent, but for all her twenty-something years, she's so unaware of how the world really works. She's been locked in dreams about her brother and reuniting her clan... and her hero, Simon. This out-of-touch mentality, rather than endearing her to me, really annoyed me. Of course she's going to get hurt!Her uncle was a surprise - and a good one. The Kincaid "clan" is interesting, and these characters are probably the closest to being something other than the typical stereotype. Still, it's not difficult to figure out what will happen - if that was ever a surprise.But the HEA is just too pat. I've read reviews that said this was one of the author's first books, and that her story-telling skills got better as she went on. So... I might check out another book of hers, I'm just not sure if I'll continue with this particular series.