Never Seduce a Scot - Maya Banks Enjoyed this book! Eveline might be playing "dumb" (literally) and allowing others to think her daft, but she's anything but... I like her spunk. It's interesting to see her try to extricate herself from the web that she innocently spun around her by her lies of omission. And I really hated that her father didn't believe her!!! And that even her brothers were deceived enough to take another "warrior's" word above their own, so-called beloved sister. Another reminder that in most of history, regardless of how obedient and dutiful women were, they were still not the voice that most men listened to first.Graeme is a romantic at heart, despite being a tough laird. He's loyal and determined to honor his promise to Eveline, despite her being the daughter of his most-hated adversary and enemy. I admired his commanding his clan to respect her and take care of Eveline. And I appreciated the fine line he had to walk when his own clan treated her so poorly. BECAUSE Graeme was so loyal and loving with Eveline, she was willing to do whatever it took to become part of his clan. And I flinched when she was taken advantage of. I was especially exasperated, disgusted, and disappointed with Nora.The story shows how strong and yet stupid in-bred hatred is. It's so easy to hate a name or a specific face... and to hate all those connected with that name/face (etc) simply because they're related or associated. Cruelty and separatist "we're better than they are because..." attitudes only breed ignorance and more hatred, which leads to unhappiness for all.Rorie is a treat! And I look forward to getting to know her better in future books. Especially because it seems likely that Rorie will end up falling madly in love with an "enemy"; just my own speculation, based on this book. (Either that or the Father who's teaching her to read and write!)I was a bit surprised at the ending... I guess being female kept Kiersten from being hanged, as she rightly should have been. Simply turning her out wasn't going to solve the problem; in fact, I think we'll see more of her in future books. Now she has even more reason to turn against the Montgomery and Armstrong clans.Looking forward to book #2.