Rush (Breathless, #1)

Rush (Breathless, #1) - Maya Banks It seems everyone is trying to show that they could have written a better FSOG... and Maya Banks more than proves that she can!LOVE the fact that the 3 main guys (Gabe, Jace, and Ash) aren't billionaires under 30. They're MEN at 38 - and even though 2 of the 3 had silver spoon upbringings, they made their money and business the hard way... they EARNED it!!!Yes, Mia sometimes seems young. But overall, she shows a depth and a maturity that was sorely lacking in FSOG. Mia doesn't just sit back and stew forever; she TRUSTS Gabe and goes to him with her troubles, even when she's afraid they'll bite her and/or him.It's GABE that really blows it... and then manages to recover, just in time.Quite a good set up! Can't wait for the next book in the series.