The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest (Millennium Trilogy Series #3)

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest (Millennium Trilogy Series #3) - Wow - that's my first impression... Wow!To say that the 3rd book in this trilogy is any less than the other two is far from the truth. The book is a (mostly) satisfying end to the story and drama that we've come to know -- about Lisbeth Salander and how she became the person she is, about her unconscionable loss of her rights and privacy at the hands of an inner "secret" police group trying to protect her lousy "father" Alexander Zalachenko a criminal and murderer of the worst kind. But it's not just about Lisbeth Salander... it's about the tough footwork, police work, and legal work that went into finally exposing The Section -- that inner, secret group of the Swedish secret police that did anything and everything to continue its power and criminal way of doing whatever its current leader deemed necessary to keep The Section going.It's also about Blomqvist, the journalist who came to know Lisbeth and respect her. It's about his quest to see her well and free. It's about his mucked up life, for Blomqvist is a flawed man. He can't manage to hold down a true relationship for any length of time. His most long-standing relationship is his off-again-on-again sexual relationship with Erika Berger, his co-worker and long-time married friend. Blomqvist was married once, but that marriage ended when Blomqvist and Berger started up again. It's a bit disappointing that Blomqvist's daughter is never heard of again, except for a brief mention in Book #1. I expected her or the ex-wife to be used as leverage of some sort; or perhaps Blomqvist's sister's family... in a way, it's a relief that Larsson didn't stoop to the obvious.It's also about Berger, who at the end of Book #2 had decided to leave Millenium as editor-in-chief and take on the same position at a large Swedish paper. In this book, her life is hell as she takes on that charge. She's got a twisted person out for revenge -- someone close enough to write emails to her and supposedly being her of a terrific sexual nature... someone who's violated her home security and stolen sensitive photos and videos that Berger doesn't want the public to see.What a shame that Mr. Larsson died so unexpectedly! On a website,, it mentions that his long-time partner Eva has possession of what was to be the 4th book in the series, "God's Hand". Legal battles between Eva and Larsson's family have held up the book's completion and publishing and probably will until the end of time. Such a shame, because Larsson leaves us with the impression that there's still a lot for both Salander and Blomqvist to do -- even hinting at a possible professional partnership. Blomqvist may or may not be in his first serious relationship since his failed marriage; Berger's tried to promise not to interfere - can she keep her promise? Because Blomqvist's new love won't stand for a rival - she's made that perfectly clear.And what about Salander? What will her life be like now, when most of her secrets have been told to someone? How will it be for her now? Can she live any sense of a "normal" life after spending so much time trying to avenge the wrongs done to her? I doubt Salander can or will change much from who she is, and perhaps I'm putting my own wishes upon her, but it would nice for her to find some sort of love -- a love relationship where she can learn to be "safe". Not the casual sexual encounters she specializes in. Someone even to bridge the way into something more long-term. Is that possible for Salander?But undoubtedly, Salander, Blomqvist, and the staff at Millenium have the opportunity to once more expose and right wrongs within the system. They now have the attention of the police, the secret police, the justice system, and the public. What could "God's Hand" be about?The intensity of Book #3 makes it, for me, the most difficult book to read. As readers, we know most of Salander's "secrets" by now, so their unveiling isn't the shock or suspense value. No, it's the success or failure of the police and those trying to piece together the "real" story and find the justice in it... will they succeed? Can The Section truly be brought down with minimal blood shed? Who will live and who will die? Are there other "arms" of The Section that we don't even know about who will take revenge upon Salander et al next? And what about Armansky and his security company? While so much is finally brought to light in this book, AND some justice is served, is it enough? I said this is a mostly satisfying book... mostly, because there are still so many open questions about what's next in the lives of Salander and Blomqvist. But perhaps it's best for readers to make up their own minds about what's next.FWIW, the Swedish films of the 3 books are available at I've seen movies 1 & 2, and they're quite good. It's always jarring to "see" someone you've been picturing for yourself, so I can't say that Mikael is who I would cast or even Armansky. But the movies are a good representation of the books - mostly faithful, because how much of these books can you fit into just over 2 hours? So many of the smaller details are left behind, which can be a bit disappointing. But overall, the movies are worth watching. The actress who plays Salander IS Salander. The American version of Book 1 is due out Dec. 21, 2011. It'll be interesting to compare and contrast that version of the movie with the Swedish movie and then to Book #1.