Kiss of the Highlander (Highlander Series #4)

Kiss of the Highlander - Karen Marie Moning My favorite book of this series, so far, with #1 coming in as a close 2nd. I enjoyed the switch in time travel -- the highland hero is the one initially discovered in the 21st century. Gwen's reaction to him is priceless, especially since her object for taking this trip to Scotland was to lose her virginity. But there's more to this story than the "usual"... Drustan is also a Druid. And he has to get back to his own time. But along the way, he's fallen for Gwen, and after their scene in the dressing room (as Gwen's trying to outfit him in more modern garb), he's sure that Gwen's fallen for him. But Drustan knows that he must choose the time of his return wisely -- for the 2 Drustan's cannot share the same space at the same time. (And Ms. Moning gives us a better explanation than the usual "ripping apart the time-space continuum.)Drustan teaches Gwen a rhyming poem, gives her a night of tender love-making, says some interesting words to her, and then takes her by the hand into the middle of the stone circle. He's just not sure if he's calculated the right day/time to return. As they're swirling through time, Drustan attempts to tell Gwen what she needs to do if he's miscalculated, because the Drustan that she'll likely meet will be one who doesn't know her. But she can't quite make out what he's trying to say to her (of course), and yes, she's thrust back into time with a Drustan that doesn't know her.How Gwen manages to make Drustan "remember" is funny and annoying at the same time. You just want to SCREAM AT HER to use the poem she memorized!!! And she finally does, three-quarters of the way through the book. And Drustan not only remembers her, but he tells her that the words they spoke to one another makes them married. Now, to figure out and prevent the tragedy that wiped out Drustan's family. (Oh, did I mention that Gwen's a scientist, and she's not at all freaked out by Drustan being a Druid?)The secondary characters really helped make this story: Drustan's father and the housekeeper, Nell, especially.