Immortal Highlander (Highlander Series #6)

The Immortal Highlander - Karen Marie Moning Here we go again... Adam Black is BACK! Love his character and loved that this book was all about Adam. And I also enjoyed that the book came around full-circle, in several ways, by giving us another glimpse of Drustan & Gwen, Daegus & Chloe, and a mere glance at Ciercinn & Lisa.But I just don't get KMM's obsession with 5'4" gals and her mighty, 6'6", buff, more-than-well-endowed "Highland" men! OK, so the average height for a gal is 5'4". And yes, this is about fantasy... but perhaps if the heroine were more than just a tad bit interesting... even unique in more than just an "ordinary" way from the other heroines in this series, I might actually be able to like her and get over some of the physical and other logistics that just don't add up.Because this book IS Adam Black. He takes center stage, now in what he believes to be his human form -- a punishment from the Fae Queen after he backed her into a corner about humans over Daegus' punishment. And after Adam gave his own immortality to Daegus to save his life from the previous book. At least the Fae Queen allows Adam his favorite glamor -- the sexy, muscle-bound blacksmith from Book #1.But Gabrielle is just... average. Sure, she's a Sidhe-seer, which gives her about her only unique trait as the heroine. Otherwise, she's what we'd expect: the biting-wit, somewhat-mouthy, somewhat-bossy, plucky, *sigh* virgin-who-fantasizes-about-how-sex-with-a-Fae-prince, gal-with-a-difficult-past, no real family to speak of heroine. She's also a lawyer, which you'd think should come in handy at some point in the story, but no.Hey, there's a lot to appreciate and a lot to keep you reading... but there's also a lot to scratch your head about. Such as the introduction of a delicious new villain and new "beings" who take such a back seat that it's almost impossible to take the threat seriously. Such as an Adam Black who becomes besotted with a mortal woman -- oh, we know that he was besotted with Ciercinn's mother, Morganna, and that he went on a killing rampage after Morganna died and refused to take the immortal elixir. But Morganna seemed to have more spunk and spark than Gabrielle, so what's the deal? WHY GABY? Why would Adam give up his immortality for good to become human for GABY? I don't get it. Fantasy, yes. But there has to be something that rings true about it... Their daughter in the epilogue has more spark and spunk and is much more unique and interesting than her mother! That, to me, was sad!And I truly grieved losing Adam Black as a Fae... the Puck to stir up trouble and yet defend the humans. I really wanted more about Ciercinn & Lisa, especially since we learn that Adam gave them the choice and they returned to being fully mortal. Wasn't there a scene or two missing, Ms. Moning? Shouldn't we have been privy to that?Of all the heroines in this series, IMO, only Adrienne (Book 1), Jillian (Book 2), and Gwen (Book 4) were worthy of being heroines. Only they captured my attention and held it for the entire story. Perhaps because those heroines were truly fleshed out as PEOPLE and not just a fantasy heroine-virgin who dreams of a manly Highlander. These women seemed more real - maybe because their height and physical attributes weren't so repetitive. Because they seemed to truly have a personality and talents that were integrated into the story, rather than just being thrown in for good measure.I still love the series - but for the "heroes" and for the uniqueness of the storylines, not necessarily for the heroines or the outcome.