Lake in the Clouds (Wilderness Series #3)

Lake in the Clouds - Sara Donati I admit that, at first, I wasn't sure about this 3rd book in the series... I didn't like making such a time jump from book #2. I felt as though I'd missed important things in the Bonner's lives.But as I put those thoughts away and allowed myself to become part of the story, I realized that the author is intent on giving us glimpses of the most important parts of their lives. We still have most of the main characters, but this time, the younger generation is growing up and, in some cases (such as Hannah & Jemimia Southern) already grown.This book gives us the chance to watch Hannah struggle with womanhood and come to terms with being neither red nor white. We get to know Lily and Daniel, who were only babies when we saw them last. We see how time and life have affected Elizabeth and Nathaniel, Curiosity and Galileo, Richard and Kitty, and Hawkeye. Book #1 made my heart sing with Elizabeth and Nathaniel's romance and marriage.Book #2 took my breath away with the adventure of piracy, journeys, and reckonings.Book #3 caused my tears to flow with the realities of life, staying true to one's convictions, romances old and new, and loss.