Fever Moon

Fever Moon: The Fear Dorcha - Karen Marie Moning, Al Rio, David Lawrence, Cliff Richards I'm just not a fan of most graphic novels... the characters never quite look the way I imagined them. And usually, the women are so... busty and curvy, and get so much more so before the graphic novel is over... Yeah, I guess it's a target audience thing, and I don't think I'm the target audience.BUT, that said, it was nice to get more visuals on Mac, Dani, Rowena, V'Lane, Kat, and, of course, Barrons and the Dreamy Eyed Guy. I just did a re-read through the Fever series, anticipating the release of Dani's book, [b:Iced A Dani O'Malley Novel], and I decided I'd go ahead and read through this graphic novel, too. After all, if the author's given it the OK, it must not be too far off her vision. So even if that doesn't match mine... oh well.BUT (yes, I know, again)... while intriguing and a decent story, I just didn't quite "feel" this one. It was interesting to hear the Fear Dorcha's story. Somehow, though, it felt out-of-context for the series - like it should have occurred between books 4 & 5, rather than somewhere in the middle of 5. I know Mac 4.5 - 5.0 does whatever she thinks is necessary to survive, but somehow, getting 'involved' with Velvet the way she did... didn't seem right. Had it been V'Lane, not Velvet, I could probably have been more onboard.It *did* remind me of the palpable chemistry between Mac and Barrons... although Barrons with the giant "B" belt buckle not only made me laugh-out-loud, but wonder if Barrons would ever seriously wear such a thing.