Into the Dreaming

Into the Dreaming - Karen Marie Moning I got the "new" version with all the extras from KMM. I liked the little story "Into the Dreaming", although it wasn't as good as the other highlander books. I appreciated the story for what it was, though, and I realize it was an early story for her. I could see how KMM developed and honed her craft.The Daegus story... I still don't think I quite understand how it was supposed to fit into the series. It made me want to go back and read book 4 and the Daegus book again, though, which I suppose is good.I never got into the Fever series, because it was too modern for me - too graphic. At least that's the way I saw the sample chapters that I read. I realize that seems odd, considering that many of the Dark Highlander series books takes place in a modern time with a modern Heroine. But there's something darker in the Fever series I'm not sure I want to explore, as alluring as it is. We'll see.Not a bad little collection of things from KMM. Although the new price of $9.99 (Kindle) might not be worth it. I'm still debating.