I've Got Your Number

I've Got Your Number - 3.5 starsThis is a fun 2012 book from Sophie Kinsella. While it's definitely in her "style" and familiar, it's still fresh, fun, and LOL-worthy. Nothing is quite as it seems, despite Poppy's perceptions of reality. Poppy gets a new POV from Sam, whose PA's phone she nabbed from a bin (garbage can), after her own phone was stolen by a drive-by cyclist. And Poppy desperately needs the phone - her antique emerald and diamond engagement ring is missing; while attending a tea at a posh hotel, Poppy's friends were all trying on the ring, and then the fire alarm went off, and... well, Poppy never got the ring back. Part of her desperation is that the parents of her finacee of one month, Magnus, are returning home that night and will expect to see the ring. Magnus, his siblings, and his parents are all egg-heads who publish "serious" articles in "serious" magazines. They converse about Proust and the meaning of life, but none of them can pick up a take-out container or tidy up the house to save their lives. Poppy, a physio-therapist feels woefully inadequate around them as it is. How can she confess to losing a family heirloom ring?But the phone she nabs belongs to the PA of a busy business man, Sam, who's consulting firm makes big bucks. Sam doesn't reply to most of his own email or texts, all of which are forwarded to the PA's phone for HER to deal with. So Poppy makes a deal with Sam to keep the phone until the ring is found, since she's already given the new number to everyone, including the police and the hotel. In the meantime, Poppy will forward all the business texts and emails directly to Sam. Except Poppy notices that Sam never deals with his texts or emails... and she can't help but try to "help" him out by replying on his behalf. Which means that Sam is suddenly taking part in a Fun Run, going on an expedition to Iceland, and asking employees to send in all their ideas for making the company better.Sam turns out to be an OK guy - distant and a bit too uptight with all his prioritization and ignoring most of his emails and texts, but... he's handsome and almost becomes a friend. When both Sam and his big boss are embroiled in a company scandal, Poppy and her memory (along with her notes of voice mails and texts and emails) and her people skills all come to the rescue. But can Poppy and Sam track down the culprits who doctored a memo and erased the original in time to save the reputations of Sir Nicholas and Sam? Or will the bad guys win and take over the company?===============My main complaint is the price of the book - $12.99 for Kindle. I realize Ms. Kinsella is a popular author, but her stories follow a very familiar pattern - almost cookie-cutter. OK, next time I'll just borrow from the library instead of buying, I guess.