A Mackenzie Family Christmas: The Perfect Gift

Mackenzie Family Christmas: The Perfect Gift (Highland Pleasures, #4.5) -  Jennifer Ashley 4.5 starsLOVE this book!!! I only wish there were more Ian and Beth "steamy" scenes. Since their book (book 1), they are *in* the book, but rarely doing more than kissing. And I love the way that Ian thinks! It's such a joy to read about a character who isn't the norm - a hero with high-functioning autism. While I love all the Mackenzie boys, I think Ian is my favorite. Since the epilogue of [b:The Duke's Perfect Wife|8563829|The Duke's Perfect Wife (Highland Pleasures, #4)|Jennifer Ashley|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1317220977s/8563829.jpg|13432302], we know how Eleanore's pregnancy turns out. But in this book, we get to experience it. It's tough, but good.I also like the continuing developments between Inspector Fellowes (an illegitimate Mackenzie about Hart's, the duke's, age) and Lady Louisa, Isabella's sister. I'm sure that we'll get more of their story in his book... at least I HOPE so!I'm also anticipating Daniel's story, but I realize that story will likely be some time away, simply because Daniel is between 18 and 20 right now.The next book is about Elliot McBride, one of Ainsley's four brothers. (Ainsley is married to Cameron Mackenzie.) There are hints in this book and in Cameron's book about what's happened to Elliot and why we care. But especially because Ian relates, somewhat, to Elliot in this book, I'm anxious to find out just how and why Elliot was abducted and tortured. It sounds like a rough book with a good ending.