To Seduce an Earl

To Seduce an Earl - Lori Brighton 3-3.5 starsI'm still trying to decide about this book... it was refreshing to find a man as the one in need of rescuing in an historical fiction - more than the Heroine. And the fact that he's employed in a male brothel was even more amusing. Since this is listed as the 1st book in a series, I'm assuming we'll see more of Gideon and James, but who knows?Lady Lavender surely needs her comeuppance! So much was left unsaid - the WHY behind her taking the 3 young boys. Sure, she gave us an idea, but there's much more to be revealed. Which is why I think this is book 1.Alex and Grace... well, I definitely felt their chemistry, and I definitely felt their pain. But there was almost too much angst involved. Her situation with her step-brother and her family... his with his prison in the brothel and his family. This book definitely tries to show that love conquers all!And it's a nice dream, and a nice story. The author does have reality bump in a time or two, which almost ruins the fairy-tale feel. Although, can you have a fairy tale where a male whore is the Hero? Hmmm... Decent read. Interesting ending.