Bold Tricks: Heart-Stopping Conclusion to The Artist's Trilogy

Bold Tricks  - Karina Halle


Since I'd waited to read Shooting Scars, the 2nd book in the trilogy, I was able to pick up this 3rd book immediately after turning the last page of Shooting Scars. YAY!

Bold Tricks wasn't quite as scary to me, since I already knew that Ellie'd made her choice between Javier and Camden. Problem is, Javier is still involved and very necessary to the operation. Or Ellie might never see Gus or her mother again.

So this book is really about resolving Ellie and Camden - their individual stories and their shared story. Each has to put his or her past to rest before they can truly move on. And to move on, they have to get out of the horrendous situation they start the book in - tracking Travis, who has both Gus and Ellie's mom, and who knows they're coming after him.

Question is, has Javier revealed all of his hand yet? Or are more mind games to come? Yes, I know - don't answer that. It's obvious. Javier has to be one of the most COMPLICATED, LAYERED characters I've ever read. Yes, he's sexy and as bad-a$$ as they come; but is he all he's told Ellie he is? After seeing him in book 2 and learning more from his sister, Violet, I'd say no. Javier definitely misrepresented his status and clout within the Mexican drug cartels. So it only stands to reason that in this book, he's out to take it all and then some.

Can Camden forgive Ellie for using Javier sexually to make the pain go away in book 2? Is there any hope or future for Camden and Ellie or is this entire thing a suicide mission? How will Camden ever get his life and his son back? Can he?

All of these questions and many more are answered in this book. And as usual, Ms. Halle does it all with tongue-in-cheek wit and clever plot twists, throwing Javier's mind-numbing mind games into the mix.

OK, so there was some eye-rolling on my part about the sex scenes, which seemed... dirtier than necessary? Dunno. It was almost like Camden and Ellie were starting over again and stuck in that love-sex-haze where your brain can't process much beyond "I want that" when looking at or thinking about your lover.

Some might think the Epilogue is an easy out. But I don't think so. It's the right ending. And Ms. Halle said that she knew the ending before she even finished the trilogy - it came to her. For me, getting to the end was one hot, confusing, action-packed ride. But it was all worth it