Unscrupulous: Laugh-Out-Loud Funny, Scorching Hot Romance, and Loads of Fun

Unscrupulous (The Manhattanites, #2) - Avery Aster

Steam Rating: HOT HOT HOT

Genres: Erotic Contemporary Romance




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While this is the 2nd book in The Manhattanites series, it was the first book in that series that I read. But it whet my appetite for more!


It's unapologetically erotic with successful men and women who know what they like and come right out and do it and say it. It's like a fun, ultra-sexy take on Sex and the City or The Real Housewives of... or a soap opera, except it's so much better than any of those could ever be. If you're into this genre, I advise you to grab your copy of Unscrupulous now!


The book's heroine Tabitha "Taddy" Brillford is a self-made millionaire with her own business. She's beautiful, self-assured, fiercely independent, brilliant, and not afraid to ask for and to take what she wants, especially with men and sexual relationships! This gal isn't intimidated by anyone, much less one of the richest men in the world, Warner Truman.


Taddy and Warner meet at one of his private clubs that's attached to a resort hotel/spa on St. Barth's. Taddy is traveling with her gal-pals, so she's using an assumed name, Senhora Red,  to avoid the paparazzi who'd be hounding them otherwise. After a fabulous spa day, the gals go in search of fun, which leads them to a one-night pass to a private club known to host the rich, famous, and successful. Taddy and Warner are instantly attracted to one another, but in the course of their evening together, they don't exchange names. The evening ends badly when one of Warner's exes wrecks what would have been an awesome sexcapade for both Taddy and Warner. But Taddy's not convinced that the ex is really an ex... and she doesn't go in for complications, especially psycho ex-girlfriends or wives.


Taddy dubs Warner "Big Daddy", and occasionally wonders about him and what might have been...


Warner can't get Taddy off his mind, either, so he tries to track her down. Problem is, he only has her pseudonym to go by. It's not until a major PR issue breaks out for the Warner resort in Cannes involving Taddy's innocent assistant where they meet again, unexpectedly.

While Taddy saves the day, her assistant, and revises the image of the Warner Cannes resort to make it popular again, she's unsure if she can retain her independence and her life and have a relationship with Warner. He's a mogul in his own right; what happens when 2 moguls get together? Does one of them have to stop being a mogul to make it work?


Love the fashion references - lots of name dropping on high end couture designers. In fact, everything from the vodka to the shoes to the furniture labels are mentioned, so that we KNOW we're in world where only the high society, brand-conscious, high fashion, ultra-hip, and wealthy live and play. It's better than The Real Housewives of... where you KNOW that you'll never live in that world, but it's fun to see how those who do live.


Love Taddy and her pals and all the nicknames! "Big Daddy" is so apt for Warner, and while it reminded me of "Mr. Big" from Sex and the City, I'll take Big Daddy Warner over Mr. Big any day!


I loved the book enough to pick up the 1st book in the series!