Going Back For Romeo: Fun Summer-Read: Hunky Highlander / Time-Travel Romance

Going Back for Romeo: A Highlander Time Travel Romance (A Muir Witch Project) (Volume 1) - L L Muir

Quick Look

"Hot" Scale: 2 out of 5 Flames - lots of "heat" but not a lot of steam


Recommended For: Fans of Highlander/time-travel romances


Genres: Highland Romance, Historical Fiction (15th Century), Time Travel, Magic/Fantasy


Book Summary

(From Goodreads book blurb) Alone, with a Highlander, in his castle, on a cold dark night...

(Okay, so it wasn’t that cold.)

Jillian MacKay is being conned by a pair of eighty-year-old witches. They’re convinced she’s the perfect sucker to test a prophecy and they’re willing to bury her alive to prove it. Once she escapes and finds herself in 15th Century Scotland, she believes her return home depends on a heroic deed—she must rescue a plaid-clad Romeo and Juliet before tragedy can strike. The monster standing in her way, however, is a handsome Highlander who might just be her own Romeo...a Romeo she must leave behind.

Rather than surrender his secrets, Montgomery Ross would prefer to go down in history as the heartless creature who betrayed one sister and buried the other alive. When he falls in love with the prophesied faery who has come to expose him, he'll have to learn a wee lesson from the star-crossed lovers or suffer the fate to which he once condemned them.


Lori's Review

LOVED this book - fun, laughter, romance, confusion, hunky Highlanders, ghosts, witches, and mysterious twin sisters... all the best elements of a time-travel Highlander romance!

Jillian (Jilly) MacKay is finally in Scotland! Her grandmother raised her, but she had strange ideas about Jilly and letting her out of Wyoming. And Jilly was especially NOT to set foot in Scotland or some dire consequences would result. But her grandmother was never quite clear... and of course, it made Jilly want to travel to Scotland all the more.

She ends up being convinced by a pair of 80-year old twin sisters (the Muir sisters) to test a prophecy about the Ross and MacKay families - she's supposed to break a curse for a pair of star-crossed lovers, Ivar MacKay and Morna Ross. Morna had been given in marriage to the Gordon clan, not to Ivar MacKay, the man she loved. It was a typical marriage of property and alliance for the time. The prophecy was foretold by Morna's sister, Isobelle, who was entombed in the Main Hall of Castle Ross by her brother and laird, Montgomery Ross, because she was a witch... or so the church said. Isobelle couldn't stand to see Morna's suffering over losing her love, Ivar, so she placed a curse on a necklace, that a faery would come to claim the necklace - a faery bearing the Immediate Blood of both the MacKay and Ross clans - and said faery would reunite the star-crossed lovers, Ivar and Morna. That very prophecy made Isobelle a witch in the church's eyes, and having condemned her, Montgomery tried to save her from burning and hanging by entombing her alive. The ghost of Isobelle haunted Castle Ross, and poor Laird Montgomery never married or had children.

Jillian visits Castle Ross in the company of the Muir sisters and puts on the torque. But nothing happens. She knows a con when she sees one, but Jillian can't seem to stop thinking and dreaming of Montgomery Ross. Is it just his magnificent statue in the Great Hall? Or is it the likeness his great+ nephew Quinn Ross, current laird, bears to Montgomery? Either way, Jillian finds herself tricked again by the Muir sisters to go into the Isobelle's tomb, where, surprise! The actual torque resides - not the necklace she tried on earlier.

And suddenly, Jillian finds herself in Castle Ross in 1495... with the real Montgomery Ross. But she has no idea how to reunite Ivar and Morna, to return to her own time, or to keep her sanity. Jillian and Montgomery try to keep attraction from becoming more, but... we all know that's not going to happen. When the Gordons get involved, well... we've got a story!

While there are some real stretches of disbelief, this book is FUN, LIGHT, and full of ROMANCE! It's the perfect summer read for fans of Highland hunks and time-traveling heroines.