Quid Pro Quo - First in The Market Garden series... satisfying, sexy M-M short!

Quid Pro Quo  - L.A. Witt, Aleksandr Voinov

RECOMMENDED FOR: Fans of GBLT, Fans of Aleksandr Voinov (Special Forces)


Once gain, Mr. Voinov hits a home run! This is a short, and it's very short... but the characters of Tristan and Jared and their world of The Market Garden are well-defined, realistic, and compelling.


Jared is new to The Market Garden, an upscale London club that specializes in M-M fantasies and "rent boys". Jared's struggling with his university fees, rent, living expenses, and the prospect of buying Christmas presents. He's also got a huge crush on Tristan, one of the "hot" rent boys - the one who gets the big bucks and the best customers.


When an American wearing a Rolex sees Tristan and Jared talking, he picks up on their palpable chemistry... and makes an offer. What Mr. Rolex wants is to see Jared & Tristan in action, together, while he watches. Jared's not sure if Mr. Rolex is in the closet or what, but he jumps at the chance.


Tristan proves himself to be a master of negotiation, making it clear that each new phase of the night costs Mr. Rolex more money. While Tristan heats things up to major steam with Jared, neither Mr. Rolex nor Jared can resist.


And the readers come away with a satisfying, sexy ending.