"Silly dark elves. Earth is for Druids."

Hunted - Kevin Hearne

RECOMMENDED FOR: Iron Druid Chronicle fans and ANYONE who loves a good adventure chock-full of mythology, Druids, and magic


One of the BEST in the series!


This book reminded me of why I love this series so much! It had the right balance of action and story. As a reader, I appreciated that we started right back where we left off - it helped me to pick up the action right away. I was truly engaged and absorbed. I could NOT put this book down, and I did so only grudgingly to do real-world stuff, like work and eat and sleep.

I love that Granuaile's POV is included. I felt more of a real sense of WHO she is this time, especially when she was doing the talking. But even from Atticus' POV, Granuaile didn't come across as "just a side-kick" this time. She's really coming into her Druid status and showing her own style.

Oberon is sassy and smart as ever. He's the best comic relief!

(Oberon) "I've never run this fast for so long. It's better than sticking your head out a car window, that's for sure."


(Oberon) "Oh, great big bears, Atticus!" he said as he laid into it. "This is the best prime rib ever!.... Stolen and succlent, like forbidden fruit when I'm already starving. This shall be known as the Great Meat Heist of Poland That One Time. All future meals will be measured against this one. It's even better than the Big Juicy Barbecue if Atlanta That Other Time, do you remember tha? Or the Beloved Boar Sausage We Had Once. And do you remember the Heinous Worldwide Bacon Shortage of 2013? This totally makes up for it!"

True tear-jerk moments with the Morrigan, but mostly with Atticus' thinking of her. It was heart-breaking to realize along with him just what the Morrigan had done & said. And how he could see clearly now what he'd missed before. I liked that there was so much *more* to her than what we saw. Her actions and words made so much more sense in this book and during Atticus' musings.

While on the run from the Roman and Greek gods, Atticus, Granuaile, and Oberon encounter just about every possible Greek or Roman god possible, along with some Irish gods, an English god (of sorts), and Norse gods. Loki is featured, and he provides one heckuva show at Windsor!

Lots of surprises, a new unique villain, more Leif, and a few other familiar, welcome faces. Love all the twists and turns! Reading this book definitely runs the gamut of emotions! It's like your favorite roller-coaster ride. No matter how scary or how much you scream, it's still a thrilling, fantastic, awesome experience.

In the end, we add to the team... interesting prospects for the next books. I'd hoped that vampire problem in Poland would be mentioned again. I'd "assumed" that Atticus' deal in Tir na nOg would take care of his debt to Malina's coven. But nothing about Malina, her coven, or vampires being killed in Poland was mentioned. (Unless I missed it.) I'm assuming that'll be covered in the next book.

ARC provided by the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Quotes verified with the first version published June 25, 2013.