All Dex... All The Time...

Come Alive - Karina Halle

4.5 stars!


I'm still reeling from finishing off this book in a little over 3 hours. It's got me worn out, emotionally and mentally.


But yes, it's 100% from Dex's POV, which is awesome. But the WHY of that becomes more than obvious 2/3 of the way through the book. Because Dex learns something that could irrevocably break him and Perry apart forever. Or will it?


What starts out with joy turns to bittersweet in the city of New Orleans. A ghost-hunting exploration of a very haunted mansion with Max their new producer - no ifs, ands, or butts about it or else from Jimmy - quickly turns into a nightmare of zombies, voodoo, and Dex's mom's hunting and haunting.


We learn so much more about Max - if you've been wondering about him and his last name, wonder no more. All is revealed in this book. But what does it all mean?


Pippa makes a quick cameo, and THANK GOD for that! And Perry comes to the rescue, oddly enough with Max. But where do we go from here?


Dex seems to have made up his mind what will happen next. Problem is, when Perry finds out what Dex learned, what will she do? Or want to do? Will Dex tell her?


ARGH! I'm so upset that I gorged on this book so quickly. I knew I would. And I'll likely have to re-read it in a week or two. And discuss it endlessly with my GR friends, to milk every nuance from it.


But I'm back in WAITING mode, and I hate that! The waiting for the next book or novella to come out always threatens to kill me. I loved being able to breeze through essentially all the books up until this one, because they were out there by the time I discovered this addictive series.


All because of a freebie book - "Darkhouse". Oh yes. Offering a free book does work - if the book and series are as addicting and amazing as they've been so far. Karina Halle is truly an artist, crafting worlds and characters that truly come alive, as she takes us into their heads, hearts, bodies, and minds.... Perry struck me from day 1, because she's so relate-able. Dex is such a guy, and yet such a sexy, mysterious bundle of raw emotions and heart that you just can't help but love him and cheer him on. Ms. Halle makes us WANT things for these characters. Makes you talk about them like they're your best friends or something.


Probably more with quotes and all later. After my friends have had a chance to read this book. And after I've had a chance to absorb it and discuss it.