Sexy, Sassy, Scotish Summer Read!

Lingerie Wars - Janet Elizabeth Henderson

3.5-4 stars

RECOMMENDED FOR: Fans of Contemporary Romance with a little Steam

Kirsty is a famous ex-lingerie model. An car accident in Spain took one of her kidneys and almost took her life. She was left with numerous scars. And left by her skanky fiancee, who not only walked away from the crash with only a few scratches, but walked away with all of Kirsty's money. Kirsty returned to her hometown in Scotland, Invertary, to rebuild her life. So she opened a lingerie shop called Eye Candy.

Rainne was trying to find a life of her own. So she borrowed money from her older brother, Lake, to buy Betty's Knicker Emporium in Invertary. While Rainne has plenty of ideas (like a line of sustainable all-natural lingerie), she can't seem to implement them. And the former owner, Betty a 70-something feisty old lady that Lake calls a Hobbit, conned Rainne into signing a contract that keeps Betty the owner of the building and partner in the store. Unfortunately, neither Betty nor Rainne can make a go of the business in 6 months. So Lake, trying to recoup his savings to invest with an ex-military buddy in a security company, decides to step in and take over Rainne's shop to make it a go.

There are instant fireworks between Kirsty and Lake, especially when Lake declares a Lingerie War - loser to shut down their shop.

What ensues is a quicky, funny, touching story of two couples- that's right, two: Lake and Kirsty and his sister Rainne and a local named Alistair. It's a story about accepting yourself, including your physical or emotional scars... realizing that family is the people who stick by you, not necessarily the people who biologically created you or raised you... finding your own life and your own place in life... and so much more.

The story moves slowly at times. While there are many fun and funny elements, the pace drags here and there. It could have used a bit of tightening up by a story editor.

But it's touching and tender. And the townsfolk involvement makes it downright hilarious - the self-appointed town censor, the uptight and extremely organized librarian, the mayor who owns the local pub, Kirsty's mom's knitting/sewing group who are more than willing to get involved in the dirty work of the lingerie war, and of course, Betty. You can see the story as you read, especially in the more colorful moments, like the fashion show, or in the more quiet moments when Alistair tries to teach Rainne how to fly fish.

Lake is an alpha-male, but he knows how to take care of those he loves; he doesn't just walk all over them. But we see Lake's flaws and insecurities come out when his and Rainne's hippie parents who always have a cause for the planet show up. They think that Lake sold-out to the very establishment (government) that they've fought against all their lives. We see Lake's hurt when his own parents barely acknowledge his presence. Kirsty's insecurities are relatable to every woman, as are Rainne's doubts and need to please those around her.

This book is supposed to be the first in a series. I'm guessing from where the author left off, book 2 will focus on Rainne and her journey.

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