Killing Cassidy

Killing Cassidy - 2.5-3 starsI truly enjoyed having husband Alan Nesbitt along for this mystery. He and Dorothy are very good together, and they play well off of one another. And I enjoyed that the story setting took place back in Dorothy's hometown -- she was able to put a few of the last ghosts of Frank to rest, including his lab at the University and the home Frank & Dorothy shared.The premise is good: an old professor friend, Kevin Cassidy, dies of pneumonia. Along with notification of his death, Dorothy receives an interesting summons: return to her hometown in Indiana within 30 days of his death to receive the bequest her beloved friend has left for her - $5,000 + all-expenses paid for her trip. But when Dorothy and Alan arrive, they also find a note from Kevin insisting that if she's received the money and this note, that someone has killed Kevin. And Kevin Cassidy wants Dorothy to find his killer.My disappointment was in the obvious red herrings and the manner in which the final scene plays itself out. The killer's motives seemed too slim to me... but maybe it's just me. And the way that the killer is "caught" is a bit too melodramatic, as is Dorothy's recovery from the final scene.The author can't seem to make up her mind what age Dorothy and Alan are. In previous stories, they seemed to be late 50s. Dorothy constantly refers to herself as "middle-aged". (OK, 50s isn't middle-aged, but I can see one thinking of oneself as middle-aged at that age.) On previous covers, Dorothy's hair was dark, and she looked late 50s, early 60s. On this cover, Dorothy's hair is grey and she looks every bit late 60s, which - SURPRISE - Dorothy and Alan seem to be... And for being kind and gentle about mentions of their sex life, there seems to be a lot of sex between Alan and Dorothy in this book. Good for them, but again, it seems to be a change from previous patterns. Then the puzzle of the hotel room and a few other minor details that seem juxtaposed or simply not well explained.Oh well... it's a gentle, cozy mystery with main characters I've come to appreciate. Guess I'll give the author a break!