A Dark and Stormy Night (Dorothy Martin Mysteries)

A Dark And Stormy Night - Jeanne M. Dams Dorothy and Alan spend a weekend in the country at Dorothy's friends Tom & Lynn's invitation. But they encounter a lot of tension between the guests in the country manor, including the rich American owners, the previous English titled owner, a famous dancer, a priest, a barrister, and the owner's in-laws. Add in a frightful, hurricane wind speed storm that cuts them off from electricity, telephones, and the nearby village... throw in a body or two... and then watch people start disappearing...This story was downright creepy - parts of it verging on a horror film, as Dorothy even remarks to herself. While parts of the book seem to drag on a bit, the overall plot is so simple, and yet the story weaves and twists and does it's best to keep you guessing. Quite unusual for the Dorothy Martin series!