The Duke and I (Bridgerton Series #1)

The Duke and I (Bridgerton Series #1) - I didn't think I'd fall in love with the Bridgertons -- after all, this is a romance novel, and we all know how THEY are. Let me tell you, I was entranced by this wonderful story from almost the 1st page. Sure, we all know how it's going to end... we all know that there will be "something" in the way... we all suspect the hero is going to be somewhat tortured (especially after reading the Prologue)... But what you don't know until you read this enchanting story is how well-done a Regency romance can be. How full of passion, laughter, fighting, and life such a story can be. Simon and Daphne had me in tears -- mostly because I was laughing out loud at their banter. While they certainly don't recognize their growing attraction, we, dear readers, do. Even before their tryst in the garden, we understand that they are truly soul mates. But the author doesn't leave us there. She provides us with a wedding, a wedding night, and a good portion of their married life. The story doesn't stop at happily-ever-after. There are still issues to resolve. And we see how they are resolved... messy, tearfully, and (I almost hate to say this) somewhat realistically.Treat yourself and read this book. Like me, and like the slogan for a famous potato chip company says, I bet you can't read just one!