A Conspiracy Of Ravens (Lady Trent Mysteries)

A Conspiracy of Ravens - Gilbert Morris Not much of a whodunnit, but a well-rounded 2nd book. I enjoyed reading more about Lady Trent, Dylan, David, Dora, Inspector Grant, and Lady Trent's family.In this book, a man finds out that he was switched at birth -- he's really an Earl. The man, now called Trevor Hayden, has been raised in the roughest parts of London and has quite a record of petty theft and minor disturbances. The current Earl has been having one too many near-misses: a gunshot close by and a saddle that was cut during a fox hunt. Now the Earl's trusted butler has turned up dead while making the Earl's nightly drink. Lady Trent and her father quickly discover that the butler was poisoned...Great new characters that I expect we'll see and hear more about. Plenty of red herrings and twists to the story. But there's one thing that really bothered me: I just can't believe that Trevor wouldn't fall back on his life of crime during his intense bouts of doubt. Or that he wouldn't be rougher. Or some of his old friends would put the pinch on him or try to blackmail him or SOMETHING. Trevor seems too eager to please... too eager to show that he's the Earl's son. He has plenty of inducements - his parents are loving and kind; Gervase, his cousin, is beautiful and kind to him, too; Lady Trent and her crew believe in him. But somehow, Trevor seemed to be tamed too easily. Wild horses must be broken first, and I didn't see any of that happening here. Too much was too easily wrapped up with a nice neat bow.But it's an enjoyable read, especially as the romances are more developed. And it certainly makes you want to read the next book!