Sonnet to a Dead Contessa (Lady Trent Mysteries)

Sonnet to a Dead Contessa - Gilbert Morris I must admit, as much as I looked forward to this book, I felt it lacking... I knew we must get to this point with the characters and the story, so what was lacking? Probably the main 'mystery', itself. It was all too obvious from virtually the 1st page for anyone who routinely reads and loves mysteries who was behind the entire series of murders.And the femme fatale from Dylan's past was a bit too obvious, as well. Although Meredith certainly lent some drama and moved the plot along nicely. It just felt as if both Dylan and Serafina were out of character several times in this book. Dylan, for spending way too much time alone with the widowed Meredith. Yes, he spends a lot of time with Serafina, but most of that time is also in the company of one or more of her family members or her young son, David. I suppose the idea is that Dylan is lonely, and Meredith seems to better fit the bill for a potential match than the titled Lady Serafina. But it should be as obvious to Dylan as it is to everyone else that Meredith is lying and manipulating him... and for Dylan to actually believe that he's spent the night with Meredith seems to be unbelievable.Serafina... she's supposed to be finding the faith that she's so long rejected. And that, along with the horrid murder of her best friend, Lady Margaret, would certainly put anyone off her usual self. And, I suppose, the challenge that Meredith represents of whisking Dylan off and making him unavailable... I didn't question Serafina's growth into faith; I questioned her actions of proving Meredith a fraud, all on her own.Even Serafina's father, who has shown a penchant for accepting faith, seemed off in this book.And perhaps, most of all, the fact that the series ends here - or at least it does for now. That is very disappointing. It was all starting to get so good!