Brighter than the Sun (Lyndon Family Saga Series #2)

Brighter Than the Sun - Julia Quinn Better than the 1st book, Everything and the Moon! So enjoyable... and no steam until 2/3rds of the way through - wow!Ellie is Victoria's younger sister, and she's still living with their vicar father. And Ellie's finance sense has only gotten better -- she's invested her own savings quite well. Except that, because she's a woman, she's had to do it through her father's name. And when Ellie needs to take out her own money to find a life away from her awful new stepmother (who wants Ellie to clean chimneys and marry doddering old men or half-wits), she finds that she cannot without her father's signature, witnessed by a magistrate!It's enough to make a girl accept the proposal she just received from a drunk earl! See, Charles is about to turn 30 and lose his inheritance... unless he marries in the next 15 days before his birthday. No quickie annulments here -- anything less than a forever marriage nulls his inheritance. So when Charles happens to drop from a tree at Ellie's feet, his encounter with her makes him think that she just might be a candidate for a convenient marriage. No silly, stupid debutantes for him... Charles wants an intelligent woman with wit and presence... someone he wouldn't mind having an heir with. He's expecting to give his wife as much space as she needs after producing an heir and a spare -- mostly so that he can indulge himself in whatever affair he chooses and live his life as he pleases. And oh yes, Charles desires Ellie, and she melts in his arms whenever he kisses her.Of course, this marriage of convenience is much more than that... aren't they all in these romance stories?Lovely book, and I really *do* applaud that the two didn't have sex until well after married and until the book was two-thirds done. It was refreshing to have a romance story that focused on the ROMANCE and the way that two people come to know and trust and love one another. OK, so it doesn't usually happen THIS way, but you get what I mean...The sub-plot with Ellie's "accidents" around her new home was good. The sub-plot against Charles' life -- not so much. That one seemed thrown in at the last minute just for good measure. An excuse to put our hero and heroine in danger for no good reason. It was just hinky and very, very out of place. I could have lived very well without it.But overall, I loved this book. And Ellie and Charles have become one of my favorite Regency romance couples!