Duchess in Love (Duchess Quartet Series #1)

Duchess in Love - Eloisa James Fun book - not much unexpected, but lots of laughs, comedies of errors, and pure fun as we get to the happily-ever-afters. (Or do we?)The book focuses on three Duchesses (Gina, Esme, and Carola) and their antics at a month-long country house party.Gina was married at the age of 11 to Cam (Duke of Girton) who was 18. Until almost the day they were forced to be married by Cam's father, Gina and Cam thought they were first cousins. They'd grown up together, laughed and played together, and both were horrified at being forced into marriage for no other reason than Cam's father's wish for them to be married. Cam stole out through the window right after the ceremony and has been in Greece ever since. Gina, now in her 20s, has decided it's time for an annulment; she wishes to marry the proper and very uptight Sebastian (Marquess Bonnington). Despite being married, Gina's never had a wedding night, and she's more than ready for one; she tries to get Sebastian to be a bit naughty with her, to convince herself that he can be more than prim and proper in private. But Sebastian refuses to cooperate. In fact, the only time Sebastian seems to become passionate about anything is denouncing Gina's duchess friend, Esme. And then Cam shows up at the party, announcing that the annulment is in progress. Except that neither Cam nor Gina can seem to stay away from one another -- too many sparks are flying. And even if they are married, it wouldn't due for them to be caught in a compromising position, as they easily could be!Esme is the "trollop" of the bunch. Her husband has openly taken mistresses since Esme told her husband that she wasn't interested in the marital bed or begetting heirs. And while Esme is infamous for her scandalous behavior in public, she's actually quite chaste in her private life... Esme exposes the double-standard of the Ton, who is willing to accept her husband bringing his mistress to Ton events, but who refuses to allow Esme her own lovers. Esme is supposed to do this privately and discreetly. But she refuses to do so. Esme seems to like dangling the very handsome and very vapid young men of the Ton.Carola left her husband shortly after their marriage, because she didn't enjoy the marital bed and wasn't willing to subject herself to "duty". She ran to her mother's house, hoping that her husband, Turnip would come after her; that then, perhaps, she could broach the subject of how to improve their private life. But Turnip never came. And now, several years later, Carola feels too foolish to admit her mistake. Until Turnip turns up (ha!) at the house party, unexpected. Esme coaches Carola on how to seduce her husband, and....Add a bit of mystery and danger having to do with Gina's biological mother and possible half-brother... add sparks igniting into flame with the all too uptight Sebastian finally acknowledges his burning desire for Esme, after Esme's decided it's high time to have a child with her husband Miles... and you've got quite a book!